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lockup-mate®PLUS+, supplied by MM 4X4, is a torque converter clutch (TCC) lockup kit designed specifically for the Toyota automatic transmission.  lockup-mate®PLUS+ uses digital communication with the vehicle ECU, making it the most intelligent lockup kit available.

  • Better drivability, save fuel, protect the transmission from heat, and maximum engine braking
  • Fully automatic; just turn it on and drive! Locks up in DRIVE and SPORT modes from 2nd gear; and adapts for low range (4L) operation automatically. 
  • Separate lockup algorithms for DRIVE, SPORT and 4L modes, and fully adjustable for your own vehicle configuration or driving preference.

​lockup-mate®PLUS+ is the only lockup kit available with SafeLock® Clutch Protection Technology which protects the TCC from excessive wear to give maximum life expectancy and reliability.  Using the information obtained via the digital interface with the vehicle ECUs, it prevents activating the clutch during high slip conditions and only engages when within the same low slip limits the factory ECU uses.  Plus, it uses the same PWM control signal and engagement profile as the factory ECU. 

​lockup-mate®PLUS+ fully supports the flex-lockup mode of the transmission for maximum fuel savings.  Using advanced microcomputer control and digital CANBus communications with the vehicle's computers, it works in harmony with the factory computers for maximum smoothness. ECU code deletes are not necessary to avoid Check Engine Lights, and the ECU doesn't need to be removed to be reprogrammed.

​lockup-mate®PLUS+ is not only for people who tow. The drivability and feel of the car is enhanced with more direct power and responsiveness. 

​Without doubt, lockup-mate®PLUS+ is the most advanced and easy to use lockup kit available for your Toyota.


Advanced Digital Control

lockup-mate®PLUS+ uses a micro-computer to listen to your car's internal digital CANBus (via the OBD2 connector) to read important vehicle parameters and provide intelligent control.

Works In Harmony

lockup-mate®PLUS+ works in harmony with the factory transmission Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to use the standard flex-lockup and full-lockup modes, and it will also take over full-lockup control when required. 

SafeLock® Clutch Protection Technology

Exclusive to MM4X4 is SafeLock® which prevents excessive wear which may occur when the TCC is engaged under high slip conditions.  SafeLock® also will immediately unlock the TCC under emergency braking conditions to reduce possible impact damage to the driveline, and to ensure there is no interferance with the vehicle safety systems (eg, stability control and ABS). 


lockup-mate®PLUS+ comes with a comprehensive, step-by-step DIY installation manual with photos. Installation is simple with minimal removal of trim and an adjustable LED/Switch that easily mounts to the A-Pillar.


lockup-mate®PLUS+ comes with a comprehensive operating manual that lists all the features, how it works, and tips for use.

User Configuration & Diagnostics

lockup-mate®PLUS+ can be configured to suit your vehicle configuration or driving preferences.  

All configuration changes are conducted using the LED/switch and the gear lever, with the settings displayed in the instrument cluster.  There are no settings on the Lockup-mate®PLUS+ control unit and it does not need to be opened to be adjusted.

​A Quick Reference Card is provided to slip into your sun visor for easy reference when setting the parameters.  

​To enter configuration mode you switch the ignition on without starting the engine.  Move the shift lever to SPORT position, and press the LED/switch.  The instrument cluster now displays the parameter and current value, which is then adjusted by moving the gear lever + or -. Press the LED/Switch to select the next parameter until finished.

​The following parameters can be set by the user: 

  • Lockup sensitivity (4H) 

  • Lockup RPM range (4L)

  • Warmup temperature

  • Minimum lockup gear

  • Slip warning LED

  • Pulse LED during warmup

​More details are available in the Operation Manual.

​After installation, the user can initiate the self-diagnostics mode which will run through a series of checks that include measuring the current through the lockup solenoid. If ever a fault in the lockup-mate®PLUS+ control unit is suspected, simply removing the power by disconnecting the OBD2 connector will cause the internal relays to revert the car's wiring back to factory configuration.

Why choose lockup-mate® PLUS+?

  • Maximises the benefits achievable using a lockup kit - Maximum fuel savings, minimum transmission temperatures, and better drivability.  lockup-mate®PLUS+ is the only lockup kit available which properly integrates  with the operation of the vehicle.
  • ​Fully automatic and easy to use - Automatically locks up from 2nd gear (approx. 25kph) upwards. Just turn it on and drive!  The driver only needs to ensure the right gear/RPM for lockup to occur.  This allows the lockup-kit to be easily used in the widest range of driving conditions including winding hills.
  • Works in DRIVE and SPORT mode, high (4H) and low range (4L) - all automatically, with different (and adjustable) lockup algorithms for DRIVE, SPORT and 4L modes. 
  • ​Advanced Digital Control - Instead of cutting ECU wires to determine just vehicle speed, Lockup-mate® PLUS+ determines your car's status digitally via the CANBus, and processes this information in the micro-computer using an optimised algorithm to ensure the torque converter is locked whenever possible.
  • ​SafeLock® Clutch Protection Technology - Ensures the TCC is only activated when within the same slip limits as the factory ECU to prevent excessive wear of the TCC.
  • ​Adjustable LED/Switch - Mounts to the A-Pillar for simpler installation, easy access, and better visibility, and doesn't occupy a factory blank switch location so this makes installation much simpler. The angle of the switch is also adjustable for best visibility at your driving position.
  • ​User Configurable - The user can adjust the unit's settings without needing to access the control unit or phone app.  Using digital communication with the vehicle's ECUs, all adjustments are via the LED/Switch and the gear shift lever. The configuration setting values are displayed in the instrument cluster.  
  • ​Supports Flex Lockup Mode - Fully supports flex-lockup mode of the Toyota transmission for extra fuel savings under light acceleration and avoidance of error codes.  It works in harmony with the transmission computer rather than the simple "brute force" approach of speed ranges or manual button mode.
  • ​Simpler Installation - Comprehensive DIY installation manual with photos.  Minimal removal of trim with installation in 1-2 hours, which saves you time, and money.
  • ​Night Mode - Lockup-mate® PLUS+ automatically dims the LED when the headlights are on (with an override for daytime headlight use) 
  • ​MM4X4 lockup kits are the most advanced available. Why settle for less?
  • ​30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 12 Month Warranty
  • Return the unit within 30 days for a full refund if you're not entirely satisfied.
  • Fully supported and Australian Made, with firmware upgrades available as new features or improvements are made available. 


CONDITION OF SALE: By purchasing this product you agree to indemnify Precise Auto Pty Ltd & MM 4X4, its directors, officers, employees, suppliers and agents to the fullest extent permitted by law, from and against all Loss however occurring to you or anyone else arising out of, or in any way connected with, the installation or use of this product.


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Brand MM 4X4

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